When the Home Guard was first formed it had its' own rank structure. As a unit of 'volunteers' it was felt that there should be a system of 'appointed' ranks and 'officers' did not hold Kings' Commissions. The ranks were as follows:

Home Guard Appointment  Equivalent Army Rank 
Zone Commander Brigadier/Colonel
Group Commander Colonel
Battalion Commander Lieutenant-Colonel
Company Commander Major
Platoon Commander Captain/Lieutenant/2nd Lieutenant
Section Commander Sergeant
Squad Commander Corporal/Lance-Corporal
Volunteer Private

It was not until November 1940 that it was decided to bring the Home Guard structure in line with the regular army. From February 1941 officers and men were known by orthadox army ranks with the exception of privates. It was not until the spring of 1942 that the rank of 'volunteer' was dropped in favour of 'private' (at the time when conscription was introduced).

2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant-Colonel Colonel Brigadier

Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Warrant Officer,
2nd Class
Warrant Officer,
1st Class