Home Guard Pike

The Home Guard pike was issued in early 1942 as the result of a note Winston Churchill wrote to the War Office in June 1941 ordering that "every man must have a weapon of some kind, be it only a mace or pike."

Unfortunately the War Office took this instruction literally and in July 1941 ordered the production of 250,000 long metal tubes with surplus sword bayonets welded in one end.

These weapons would have been o.k. in 1940 but by 1942 the Home Guard expected proper weapons. The production and issue of the pikes generated an almost universal feeling of anger and disgust from the ranks of the Home Guard, demoralised the men and led to questions being asked in both Houses of Parliament.

In many instances the pikes never left Home Guard stores as area and unit commanders were aware of how the men would react.

HG drilling with pikes
Unnamed Essex HG unit parading with pikes.

Reproduction HG Pike
Reproduction HG pike.