Nº 76 SIP Grenade

(Self-Igniting Phosphorous)

Nº 76 SIP Grenade


Weight: 1 lb. 3 ozs.
Fuze: Self-igniting
   upon breakage

This grenade was only issued to the Home Guard. It was basically a glass bottle filled with a combination of phosphorous and benzine, upon breaking the phosphorous igniting the benzine on exposure to the air. A piece of crude rubber inserted into the bottle was designed to soften and partly dissolve during storage to make the mixture more sticky.

There were two versions of this grenade, the first (which had a red cap) designed for hand-throwing and the second, which had a green cap and slightly thicker glass was designed for firing from the Northover Projector (see page on Special/Unique Weapons).

If not handled correctly, this was an extremely dangerous grenade. It was not unknown for the grenade to burst either in or as it left the Northover Projector barrel.