Nº 73 Anti-tank Grenade

(Thermos Grenade)


Weight: 4 lbs. 8 ozs.
Fuze: Percussion

The Nº 73 Grenade (Thermos Grenade) was designed as an anti-tank grenade. It was called the Thermos Grenade as it looked like a Thermos flask.

Due to its weight the grenade could only be thrown 10-15 yards but due to the power of the grenade had to be thrown from behind cover otherwise it could kill or injure the thrower. This grenade was fitted with an 'all-ways' percussion fuse designed to set the grenade off when it hit the ground - the fuse was called 'all-ways' as it was designed to work no matter what way up the grenade was when it hit the ground.

Extract from training manual:

The object of the grenade is to damage armoured fighting vehicles, the best effect being when used against the track or suspension of a tank. Owing to its weight and shape; and, owing to the powerful nature of the grenade, it is absolutely essential that the thrower is behind cover. The use of it, therefore, is limited to ambushes or for road blocks.